Our Salts

Isn't all salt the same?   No!

Although, chemically speaking, there are many different types of salt, we generally mean "Sodium Chloride", the main ingredient in table-salt, sea-salt and many other common products.  But even so, not all "salt" is the same!


Everybody has seen "table-salt", the beautiful white, fine-grain salt from famous brands like Morton.  And you've probably heard of "Kosher salt" which is often coarser and doesn't contain added nutrients, like the vital mineral Iodine.  These types of salts can come from evaporating seawater or from mining salt deposits (which are from seawater that evaporated long, long ago).  

Mined salts often contain other (possibly desirable) minerals such as Manganese Chloride and Potassium Chloride.  In addition to domestically produced (in North America) salts, we also offer scrubs made from mineral salts imported from the Dead Sea in Israel.  These mineral salts are famous the world over and many swear by them.

Our premium scrubs are made with the highest quality, domestically produced salts, sourced closer to home to reduce our carbon footprint.  These include salts evaporated from certified-safe and clean seawater and natural salts mined in Nevada, USA.

Pure Domestic Salts

All natural and pure, the salts we use in our Premium Scrubs are of the finest quality and even certified food grade.

Since they are produced right here, in the USA, there's no shipping from overseas, helping reduce our "carbon footprint."

That said, just because they are PURE, doesn't mean we want you cooking with them or eating them!  We mix them with other natural oils and scents to create wonderfully refreshing scrubs for your skin!

Natural Mineral Salts

Mineral Salts, both those mined here in the USA as well as those imported from areas like the Dead Sea in Israel, are all natural but like any naturally occurring product, vary slightly.  

As with our Premium Salts, we do NOT want you eating or cooking with our Specialty Scrubs!  


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