Gee, that smells great!

We use a variety of fragrances derived from essential oils to enhance our scrubs. These are subtle and not intended to overpower your perfume but will leave your hands pleasant smelling.

Aroma is an intensely personal sensory experience and most of us can be instantly transported back to places and times in our past simply with a whiff of newly mown grass, baking bread or even an autumn hay-ride.

Orange: Cheerful and Uplifting, this scent is sweeter than other citrus, you may find it relaxing and warm.

Lemon: Distinctively clean smelling and delightfully tangy, this scent light and refreshing.

Grapefruit: With a zesty, tart smell this oil smells clean and bright.

Peppermint: Fresh and sharp, like a winter morning. This oil might remind you of candy or holidays with family.

Lavender: Floral and sweet, this oil may remind you of springtime in the country.

Australian Sandalwood: Light and distinctly exotic, this oil imparts a warm relaxing scent.

Frankincense: The most quintessential holiday scent, isn’t just for kings. This oil is aromatic and musty with hints of spices and citrus.


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